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Hope of Deliverance: The Voice For The Voiceless

Paul McCartney once sang, “We live in hope of deliverance from the darkness that surrounds us.” Little did he know his words would inspire the creation of a tenacious dog rescue charity.

Bree Kishman is the Founder and CEO of Hope of Deliverance, Inc., a dog rescue organization based out of New York and Arizona that focuses on delivering hope to dogs in detrimental situations.

Meet The Founder

Ever since she was little, Bree was rescuing animals. She grew up near a popular dumping ground where owners would frequently abandon their dogs. Little did Bree know that she would continue rescuing dogs well into adulthood. While living in Tucson, Arizona and working at a few local rescues, Bree ended up meeting Wanda. They soon teamed up and decided to launch a new dog rescue charity with a mission that aligned with their personal values.

Hope of Deliverance officially opened their doors right at the start of the pandemic. Over the last year and a half, they have helped rescue over 150 dogs, primarily working with understaffed dog shelters in disadvantaged rural areas. The organization supports the shelters with essential resources but also prevents euthanasia's by finding homes for at-risk dogs.

The Mission & Vision

But their vision lies beyond rescues; they also want to help prevent dogs from getting into these unfortunate situations in the first place. Bree and her team advocate for spaying and neutering because they understand the importance of controlling dog populations. They also offer alternative solutions to pet abandonment, such as training resources, to help keep dogs in good homes. Unfortunately, this scenario has played out more frequently at the slow-down of the pandemic. As people returned to work, they also wanted to return their pets because they no longer had time for them.

How You Can Support

In addition to basic food, kennels, and foster care supplies, donations are used to fund various services, including training, vaccinations, spay/neuter surgeries, microchips, tumor removals, heartworm injections, and comprehensive blood tests. Over half of dogs that come to Hope of Deliverance require medical services (25% were severe medical cases), costing the organization over $40,000 in the past year. In the interview, Bree shares some heartbreaking stories of abused and unhealthy dogs, but also highlights the triumphs that she has witnessed. “We see the worst, but we also see the best.”

Hope of Deliverance is always in need of foster homes for the dogs, but that’s not the only way to contribute. They also need volunteers to transport dogs to vet appointments, help out at events, or assist with specific skillsets, such as managing social media. If you’re ready to become a full-time pet parent, you can view their list of available dogs here (and with names like Mama Blanche, Nutter Butter, and Captain Jack, what’s not to love?)

Gaia Provides is honored and excited to announce our collaboration with Hope of Deliverance on our new campaign Pet Chews For A Cause. If you'd like to directly support Hope of Deliverance through this campaign or any other rescue, please check out the Pet Chews For A Cause Campaign now.

If you’re interested in learning more about Hope of Deliverance, their collaboration with Gaia Provides, or how you can support an amazing rescue like theirs, then check out the interview below:

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