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New Products Drop! Expanding Our Canine Chewable Line

As many of you know we have slowly been changing our look, and for the better! Our philosophy at Gaia Provides is change is good! Change is both inevitable & constant, so we embrace it, because change can make us better. We are continuously striving to offer not only the highest quality and effective products, but products that suite your & your pet's lifestyle. What does this mean?

We know that each owner and their pet(s) are unique, meaning what works well for one pet & owner, may not be the best option for another. This is why we continuously ask for pet parent's feedback, and truly take it to heart. We utilize this feedback to improve our offerings by formulating a comprehensive line of products suitable for any pet & owner.

It's been a long time coming, but our new line of Canine Chewables are now available! These new offerings are more niche to your dog's size and need! Our dog treats, now referred to as canine chewables, will be offered in varying strengths ( milligrams ) to accommodate your dog's size. You may also notice new product names such as "Wellness Chewables," or "Mobility Chewables," don't worry though, it's the same great tasting chew, just with some new added benefits. To learn more and find the right product for your pup check out the video message from our Founder below.

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