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New Year, New Dog PAWsitive Habits?

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

As the new year begins, there is a new motivation for accomplishing goals. Use this time to get started on your dog's new PAWsitive habits.

It’s that time of year where we all make a resolution. What do you want to change this year? What new good habits do you want to form? Do you have a plan of action on how to achieve your goals?

As a dog trainer, I see so many clients seeking help with their dog’s unwanted behavior. They are basically asking their dog to form a new habit but don’t realize how challenging and time-consuming it can be.

I often ask them what they do for themselves when they want to form a new habit. Welp, folks, your dog needs the same support!

They need you to hold their paws and help them achieve new PAWsitive practices. What we do for ourselves, we must do for our dogs.

Here is a simple way to get started on your dog’s new PAWsitive habit.

P.A.W. - Preparation, Accountability and Wait


Plan ahead of the time required for practice. Acquire any tools that can help. Seek advice from a professional dog trainer. Forming a new habit takes intention and rehearsal after rehearsal.

My favorite quote is from Susan Garrett, a world-renowned dog trainer; "We must train for the moment, not in the moment."


Ask family and friends to be a part of your journey. Share your progress on social media to celebrate the small victories.

If you need added help, you can enroll in a weekly training class or private lessons. Don't forget to set reminders on your calendar.

What you do for yourself, you must also do for your dog.


Oh, how we want fast results, a quick fix.

A new habit doesn't happen overnight; it takes time. You must be patient and wait it out.

How long will you have to wait? Depending on the desired results, this could mean weeks, months, or years. But you can do it!

You have to create room in your busy life to work with your dog — consistency is everything.

Jenny Cain is a professional dog trainer at The Complete Canine. She has two dogs - a 9yo pibble named Tigerlily and a 7yo corgi mix named Ned. She is passionate about helping dogs overcome their reactivity. She is also a volunteer Board Member for Hope of Deliverance Rescue. To get more tips from Trainers like Jenny, be sure to subscribe to our blog.

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