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Is CBD good for Cats: The Facts, Benefits, and Your Questions Answered

Updated: Jan 18

As a cat owner, you are naturally invested in the health and well-being of your best friend. While cats are relatively easy to care for, over the years, they can develop medical and psychological issues just like you.

Your Cat & CBD

Cats have fairly patterned behavior. They act on primitive instinct, and if you have a cat, you already know each one develops their own special personality traits and quirks.

Some cats may be very cuddly and vocal while others are shyer and quieter. Other cats may be quite playful and entertaining, while others seem to sleep a lot and are more standoffish.

No matter what traits your cat exhibits, if out-of-the-ordinary behaviors like digestive problems, mobility issues, lethargy, and over-vocalization occur, it may be a cause for concern and a trip to the vet may be in order.

A holistic approach to care including regular vet checks, a well-balanced diet, and adequate exercise can extend and add to the quality of life for your feline companion. You may even consider adding hemp-derived CBD to your cat's regular regime.

While cannabis and cannabinoids are becoming more widely studied for use in humans, and we now are starting to see some canine related studies coming from universities like Cornell and Colorado State, research on CBD for cats still remains less common.

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